IMS Active Regeneration Technology Is A Breed Apart

IMS’ patented electrically self-regenerating Active DPF Series filters apply an electric current directly to the filter media, creating an electric heater which oxidizes any accumulated soot at 700ºC in under 3 minutes while typically using less than 1% of the generator output. If your engine is running at any load and temperature for any reasonable length of time, then the IMS active DPF system is capable of delivering a controlled regeneration. An IMS active DPF system has built in microprocessors that monitor back pressure, temperature and elapsed time between re-generations to control the regeneration cycles efficiently and safely so your stand-by power is available when you need it most.

Active VS Passive Regeneration

Active regeneration is a process whereby filter cleaning is controlled independent of exhaust temperatures, engine loads, the number of cold starts and the engine run time. While active regeneration is much more reliable than passive regeneration, not all active systems control regeneration in the same way. These differences are critical to the safe, reliable and efficient operation of your stand-by or prime power generators.

Other less efficient active systems use electric heaters or complicated fuel dispensing and burning systems deployed in front of the DPF in an attempt to raise the temperature of the exhaust flow for an extended period (up to 30 minutes) to achieve “passive regeneration” in the filter media. Large amounts of energy in the form of electrical power or fuel (up to 25%) are required to achieve regeneration. Integrating the filter system with the engine fuel system adds complexity and potential safety risk. By Contrast, IMS Active Regeneration Technology Systems oxidize accumulated soot at 700 oC in under 3 minutes while typically using less than 1% of the generator output.

Passive, or uncontrolled regeneration is a term applied to filters that have limited ability to self-clean, or self-regenerate. Under narrow conditions of elevated exhaust temperature accompanied by specific NOx /PM ratios, regeneration can occur passively. Given the variation in load, ambient temperatures, distance from the engine, number of cold starts, and engine run time, it is impossible to guarantee filter reliability or emergency power availability with a passive system.


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