After creating the SCR system bespoke, our expert installation team began installing the SCR system in a cancer hospital in the center of london.

The SCR Reactor had to be installed in an existing large enclosure, external to the plant room and replaced the existing plant room silencer system.

The objective of the trial was to reduce the NOx emissions to below 190mg/Nm3@15%O2 to comply with the Medium Combustion Plant Directive (MCPD).

The system was supplied together with an AdBlue Dosing Tank together with pumps and transfer pipework which delivered the AdBlue “Airless” Injectors prior to the SCR Reactor which eliminated the need for a compressor, complete with an Adblue bulk tank to replenish the system.

Our SCR system came with a control panel that housed the ECU that controlled the AdBlue Injection rate by monitoring the NOx emissions from the engine and post the SCR system on a “closed loop” system.

The ECU has built in memory linked to a display module in the door of the control cabinet with a touch Screen that can be used to review all emission and engine parameters as well as any problems in Real-Time.

The data from the ECU can be downloaded and displayed in an excel format for reporting purposes.

This was one of four hospital generators in London recently provided with IMS Eco SCR systems

All SCR systems are made bespoke at our factory in the UK, and can be installed by our professional team.

For more information on our SCR systems, visit SCR Systems – Industrial Marine Silencers

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