Alan Barnard, our Business Development Manager here at IMS has taken the BRAVE decision to trek Snowdon on the 15th April 2023 🥾🏞️ To raise money & awareness for Dementia UK as his mother has been a long-term sufferer of this debilitating disease.

This photo is Alan and mum (Betty Barnard) who was diagnosed with Dementia 7 years ago at age 80. At first her memory loss was gradual, but has got progressively worse, to the point she struggles to recall events more than 10 minutes before (although she can remember the distant past like it was yesterday). Then in a mad moment, Alan asked his son and his friend if they would like to trek Snowdon to raise money/awareness for dementia.


If you are able to donate it would be much appreciated, please follow the link below to Alan’s Just Giving page! ❤️

Alan Barnard is fundraising for Dementia UK (