The “Non-Road Mobile Machinery (NRMM)” Practical Guide V5 that was released in April 2022 is intended to help the “London Local Authorities” and “Contractors” operating within the “London Central Activity Zone (CAZ), Canary Wharf and other Opportunity Areas across London” understand the Emissions requirements that have to be met to allow the machinery to be used on “Construction Sites” across London.

The guide outlines the permitted “EU Stages” and “Approved Retrofit Devices” that can be used on the “Mobile Machinery” and “Mobile Generating Sets” across London and highlights the “IMS Certified Retrofit SCRT System” as an example of the type of approved technologies that can be used in order to meet the toughest “Stage V” Emissions Standards on the Generating Sets. 

IMS was accredited under the London NRMM RAS (Retrofit Accreditation Scheme) almost a year ago where we concentrated on Mobile Generating Sets that are required in the early stages of a construction site when electrical power is not always available, as they are often overlooked as being required to also meet the emissions standards set by the GLA (Greater London Authority).  

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