With the topic of the moment very much based around a reduction of world emissions, IMS has unveiled their exhaust gas SCR systems to reduce the Nitrous Oxide emissions that occur during the running of an engine. The company can now supply three major kinds of catalytic converters, each of which are capable of an emission reduction of over 90% in each of the following categories: Single stage oxidation –Carbon Monoxide (CO) is reduced.

Two stage oxidation – Carbon Monoxide and Hydrocarbons (HC) are reduced. Three stage SCR – in addition to CO and HC the level of Nitrous Oxides (N2O) are reduced. Each of the above converters can be used within various applications such as locomotives and railway vehicles, construction machines, ships and yachts, tractors, commercial vehicles and buses, electrical and generator power plants, combined heat and power plants and CO2 fertilisation for greenhouses and waste incinerators. Only stainless steel substrates are used and the innovative construction ensures the maximum surface area for the coating of the precious metals that cause the chemical reaction.

Units are designed to meet the most stringent legislation. For further information contact Dan Gallacher at IMS on +44 (0) 1162 604985 or e-mail sales@silencers.co.uk.

SCR System