We are here to help to protect the internal and external world around your business by:

Helping to look after your employees by reducing the decibel levels to protect your hearing and prevent hearing deficiencies such as Tinnitus (frequent or constantly hearing ringing in the ears).

Reducing the decibel levels to lower the sound emissions of your business, reducing the impact on the ecosystems of our planet.

Reducing the PM (Particle Matter) and NOx (Nitrous Oxides).

How do I know if we are up-to date?

Try out our IMS app as we have a FREE noise meter for you to take onsite measurements for our app to make recommendations based upon your results, making it easy and hassle free for any business to check if they are up-to date with their noise emissions (You can find a download link on our home page).

Are you up-to date with controlling your noise emissions? If you have any queries get in touch we’d love to hear from you!