London’s ‘Low Emission Zone’ for Non-Road Mobile Machinery

Non-Road Mobile Machinery (NRMM) such as excavators, cranes, piling rigs and diesel-powered generators are a significant contributor to London’s Air Pollution.

With the introduction of the London NRMM LEZ (Low Emission Zone) in Central London, Canary Wharf and other Opportunity Areas across Greater London the Mayor will use the London Boroughs Planning Powers to control emissions for machinery with power rating between 37-560kW operating on construction sites within the LEZ.

Current emissions standards within the NRMM LEZ are Stage IV for construction machinery and Stage V for mobile generators (Stage IIIB for rest of London). These standards will be tightened to Stage V across the whole of London by January 2030 with only zero emission machinery being allowed to operate within London by 2040.

Compliance by Retrofit

If a machine does not meet the emissions standard required, it can be retrofitted with a “NRMM-RAS” Emissions Abatement Device that has been accredited the Energy Saving Trust (EST).

To meet Stage IV for Construction Machinery or Stage V for Mobile Generators, the retrofit emissions device will need to be fitted with both DPF and SCR Abatement Technology to reduce PM (Particulate Matter) and NOx (Nitrous Oxides).

London is the first City to introduce a NRMM LEZ, however there are at least 32 other cities across the UK that are looking to introduce “Clean Air Zones” and it is widely anticipated that within the next 2 years that most of these will adopt the emissions standards set by London.

HS2 Emissions Standards Requirements

As well as HGVs, cars, and vans, HS2 also now require all NRMM machinery that will be needed to build the 345 miles of the UK’s new high-speed railway to meet stricter emissions standards in order to be able to operate on their sites.

Since January 2020 the HS2 Project has required all off-road machinery being used along the route’s entire length to meet EU Stage IV (and EU Stage V for Generators) as required by the London NRMM LEZ.

The IMS-eco “Stage V” accredited SCRT Retrofit Device

The IMS-eco SCRT Device (21-10722) has been tested and accredited to meet “Stage V” and approved by the Energy Saving Trust. The system for mobile generators is supplied on a support frame that can be lowered into position on the roof of the Generator Enclosure

As well as the DOC/DPF and SCR/ASC Catalysts with AdBlue Mixing Pipe, the system comes with an AdBlue Tank, AdBlue Dosing System, and an Electronic Control System with OBD (On-Board Diagnostics) that is used to demonstrate compliance.

The SCRT System can be used for engines up to 16 Ltr/560kw and will be supplied as a fully installed and commissioned system from IMS.

Industrial AND Marine

Our new Eco range although having been developed for the Industrial Market is also being used within the Marine industry too for both Inland Waterways and Sea-Going Vessels to meet Stage V and IMO Tier III emissions legislation. We initially saw an interest in places such as Holland and Germany, the English Channel and Baltic Seas, but it is now becoming a requirement throughout the world in other countries across Europe and throughout the world such as North America (USA and Canada) and the Caribbean Seas.

We have recently installed our emissions technology on vessels operating on the River Thames in London and anticipate this being replicated in many other cities in the coming years.

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