SCR Technology for UK Airport


IMSeco designed and manufactured a range of “SCRT” (SCR+DPF) systems which was shipped to the UK in the UK during the first quarter of 2019 for compliance with DEFRA’s MCPD (Medium Combustion Plant Directive) which was transposed into UK Law as from January 2018. The new ...

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Six SCR Systems travel to Egypt

SCR Systems

IMS designed and supplied six SCR systems to Egypt in late 2016. The emissions target was to reduce NOx emissions lower than 600mg/m3 , SO2 levels to lower than 400mg/m3, CO to below 250mg/min and solid particles to below 100mg/m3 all at 5% dry. The package included the SCR reactor, exhaust ...

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SCR System, London

SCR Systems
SCR System London

Target was to reduce NOx output by 90% and reduce noise to 75dB(A) at 1mtr. IMS supplied and installed an SCR module, dosing and injection system, along with acoustic housing and exhaust silencer system which reduced NOx emissions by 90% and reduced noise to 75dB(A) at 1mtr.

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Spark Arresting Exhaust Silencers

Spark Arrestors
Exhaust Silencers

IMS supply on a regular and consistent basis exhaust gas silencers, direct to a world famous manufacturer of aerospace, marine and diesel engines. The silencers range from 14” to 40” nominal bore and are supplied in Mild and Stainless Steel.

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2012 London Olympics

Particulate / DPF Filters
London Olympics

IMS Ltd, in conjunction with LOCOG (The London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games) successfully installed electrically self-regenerating Active DPF filters to 27 stationary gen-sets which were used over the entire duration of both the 2012 London Olympic and Paralympic games.

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